“Getting value out of your Excel glossaries” a webinar by Kara Warburton

webinarimageAs I mentioned in a previous post, terminologist Kara Warburton (Director of Business Development and Technical Support for Asia Pacific at Interverbum Technology – ‎Interverbum Technology) recently gave a presentation in the form of a webinar. Mats Granstroem, Product Development Manager, facilitated the webinar. If you missed it, the organizers have added the video in YouTube. Stephan Olsson, Marketing Manager, shared the link with us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrf4PWhHwYc

The presentation lasts about 35 minutes plus an additional 12 minutes of Q&A. Most importantly, Kara asked that people suggest new topics for future webinars on Terminology. I invite you to write to Kara or Mats and suggest new topics: kara.warburton@interverbumtech.com or mats.granstroem@interverbumtech.com

I also highly recommend that you watch this webinar. It is the best way to gain confidence and manage your terminology efficiently.

Happy learning!


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