Getting the value out of your Excel glossaries. A webinar by Kara C. Warburton

This is a one-hour seminar that looks very interesting. I have taken several webinars with terminologist Kara Warburton in the past and have used her as reference in several of my blog posts. I found the information today in LinkedIn’s Terminology Group. Kara is the Director of Business Development and Technical Support for Asia Pacific at Interverbum Technology, and she is active in promoting terminology management awareness.

Here is the link to register:


This is the note she shared in the group: “If you have glossaries in Excel format, don’t miss this webinar. You’ll learn tips and tricks for modifying glossaries to make them more usable by translators, and easily importable into a term database so that they can be used in CAT tools as well as in other applications. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use what you have to improve translator productivity and translation quality.”

I´m glad I found this webinar on time to register. I hope you register too.

Happy learning!

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