From the terminologist toolbox: Rafael Guzman’s “T-Manager”

TManagerA few weeks ago, translator Nancy Matis (@nancy_matis) sent me an email asking if I knew about this terminology tool. Indeed, I actually didn’t have it among my terminology tools but I did find it in Maria Pia Montoro’s blog, Wordlo. (By the way, if you haven’t visited, Maria Pia has a complete list of Terminology Management Systems and Free Online Terminology Tools and Extractors –a much more comprehensive list that the one I have in my blog.)

Anyway, I have been reading about this tool and Rafael Guzman, it’s developer, sent me some additional information that you might also find informative and useful.

T-Manager doesn’t need any installation, as it is embedded in an Excel workbook. You can download it for free in his webpage. Once you download it there’s a tab called “ReadMe” which contains important information. He has also added online demos and case studies that he updates from time to time.

What can the tool do for you? The tool is made of Excel macros that you can run to validate, diagnose, customize, compare glossaries, do aligned comparisons, leverage and extract terminology, and generate reports. Below I copy the description for each one of these functions given in his webpage:

– Flags and deletes duplicates in a glossary- Flags blacklisted translations in a list of strings.
Glossaries Comparison – Compares two glossaries and identifies which source terms are missing and which terms are translated inconsistently across both glossaries.- Displays translation inconsistencies.
Aligned-strings Comparison -Compares two sets of aligned strings flagging each string pair as “Modified” or “Identical”.
-Customises terminology to adapt it to different needs and formats (e.g. Systran Machine Translation dictionaries), based on tags and clues entered by the user.- Removes any “noise” from text (e.g. tags, linguistic clues, etc)- Generates Systran user dictionaries and populates them with terminology from a legacy glossary or dictionary.
– Flags candidate terms based on frequency and numberofwords- Highlights candidate terms in context.- Sorts candidate terms in alphabetical order, by frequency, or by number of words.- Checks for duplicates once candidate terms have been manually cleaned.
-Populates an empty list of terms reusing translations and any other information available from a legacy glossary.
Extraction -Extracts just a single instance of each term from a list of terms leaving any duplicates behind (if any).
Reports & Metrics -Generates graphical reports and metrics based on most of the functions described above (e.g. validation, diagnosis, comparisons).

Lastly, if you want to read more about the rationale behind this tool, Rafael wrote an article in 2009 for the Translator Journal “Uncontrolled Terminology and MT: The Importance of Making Good Comparisons”, in which he explains “why terminology for TM dictionaries needs to be controlled and suggests necessary comparison criteria as well as why Excel spreadsheets can help in filling in the gaps in current terminology tools to automate and customize terminology comparisons”.

I have been “playing around” with the tool and it’s really cool and easy to use. The tutorials are very useful. If you have questions about this tool, you can contact Rafael by writing to his email

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2 Comments on “From the terminologist toolbox: Rafael Guzman’s “T-Manager”

  1. I have been using this tool for years and it’s one of the best tools out there when it comes to terminology management and terminology checks.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Mohamed. I’m sure there are quite a few readers that will like to know this.

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