From the terminologist toolbox: GraphColl – visualizing your term networks (and it’s fun!)


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I have been playing with this free tool for the analysis of collocation networks, developed at the ESRC Centre for Corpus approaches to Social Science, Lancaster University (UK).

It is very easy to use. You only need to download a zip file, extract its contents and run it with Java. Then you upload a corpus to create easy graphs (you can also generate a concordance list). It looks like a spider whose head is the main “node” then it has long legs spreading out and at the end of each leg is a related word or term (node). Then you may click on those subnodes that apply to your research and it will give you another little spider with related terms. You can also drag the legs to have a better view. The concordance function displays the nodes in context.

Not much more to say about this easy tool!

Read more and download it here (includes a short guide):


Brezina, V., McEnery, T. & Wattam, S. (2015). Collocations in context: A new perspective on collocation networks. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, 20(2).

Image generated by IMOT using GraphColl

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