Free eBook: Terminology for Beginners

It’s finally here! I am happy to share my first eBook which presents a collection of posts from this blog and is especially dedicated to beginners who approach Terminology for the first time.

I have provided all the sources at the end of each post for reference and further reading. In some cases, I had to delete links to sources that no longer exist, so if you find something missing, please let me know. Links are in blue so you can click away to your heart’s content.

Huge thanks to each and everyone, whether you have been a subscriber from day one or a recent subscriber, for your support. I look forward to hearing from you and receiving comments at or in Contact Me.

Click here to read online.

Or download here: TERMINOLOGY-eBOOK





3 Comments on “Free eBook: Terminology for Beginners

  1. Thanks for creating this, Patricia, and for your blog. I’ve recently moved into a technical-editing role, and I’m responsible for terminology management, so this will be helpful to me (probably a lot more readable than the ISO terminology standards too! :)).

  2. Patricia:
    Thank you for your generosity; I look forward to going through your book.

    I have a practical question; where can I find job vacancies for terminologists? I’ve been checking on-line, and only 1 has come up in months. It’s work I really enjoy and have qualifications for.


    Mercy [T. Cevallos]

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