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Update: Please note a few of these links are no longer available, but I have left them for historical purposes.

You probably have heard about and used TermiumPlus from the Government of Canada, a terminology and linguistic data bank, which includes close to four million English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese terms. It contains abbreviations, acronyms, synonyms, geographical names, official titles of organizations, titles of legislation and programs, phraseological units and examples of usage.

But did you also know that you can:

  1. Customize your Termium searches to suit your needs and make your searches faster. Do it HERE!
  2. Download TermiumPlus Mobile App to consult the data bank anytime and anywhere (EN/FR) by clicking on the logo below!termium plus
  3. Send e-cards of the language portal to your Facebook friends.
  4. Find quick answers to your language questions searching in “Gateway to English / Le Français sans secrets”.
  5. Take language quizzes.
  6. Subscribe to the language portal and receive email notifications.
  7. Consult glossaries and vocabularies: Most provided at no charge, to consult them or to download them. The majority are bilingual (English-French, French-English). Some also include equivalent terms in other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, and some are in Aboriginal languages.
  8. Read Language update: A freely available quarterly journal that contains solutions to commonly occurring language problems, tools of the trade and language industry news.
  9. Learn about terminology with their Pavel Terminology Tutorial, a great place to go for anyone exploring terminology for the first time and as a reference tool. It is offered in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and Dutch.
  10. Consult their excellent writing tools available in English, French, and Spanish. See all the links HERE. Below is a table with the tools by language.

French writing tools

English equivalent tool

Spanish equivalent tool

Chroniques de langue articles are taken from Language Update, the Translation Bureau’s quarterly periodical.

Favourite Articles is a collection of articles from the Translation Bureau’s periodical, Language Update, dealing with English language usage and style, translation problems and other language-related matters.

Caleidoscopio del español is a collection of articles from the Translation Bureau’s periodical Language Update, dealing with various aspects of the Spanish language

Le Bellerive – Didacticiel sur les principales conventions typographiques françaises was created by Robert Bellerive and helps users learn the main rules of word division, capitalization, numerical expressions, italics and punctuation.

HyperGrammar2 is a self-teaching tool designed to help you improve your knowledge of English grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization.

The Dictionnaire des cooccurrences is a useful tool for anyone who hesitates when choosing a word, unsure of the most appropriate adjective or verb. The dictionary includes a list of suggestions for many French nouns, including new words.

Peck’s English Pointers (2nd edition), by Vancouver-based editor and writer Frances Peck who has educated and entertained language buffs with its lively articles and quizzes spanning grammar, punctuation, mechanics, usage and clarity.

Le guide du rédacteur provides answers to a multitude of questions on such topics as capitalization, italics, punctuation, numerical expressions in written text, abbreviations, quotations and word division at the end of a line.

The Canadian Style gives concise answers to questions concerning written English in the Canadian context.

Lexique analogique lists French equivalents for widespread English terms that are difficult to translate.

Word Tailoring is a dictionary-style reference tool that allows you to access a wealth of information quickly and easily.

Clefs du français pratique deals with the problems of grammar, syntax and usage that confront anyone who is called upon to write in French.

Writing Tips contains concise observations on and examples of English grammar, usage and style problems encountered daily by writers.

ConjugArt presents the conjugations of some 8,000 French verbs, including technical verbs, Canadianisms and European regionalisms.

The jurilinguistic work is an invaluable tool, filling the need for legal translation and writing guides.

Le Rouleau des prépositions is a must-have reference work for anyone interested in mastering French prepositions.

Les mots du droit is a glossary that proposes a series of French equivalents—in context—for common, all-purpose words from English legal vocabulary that are difficult to translate



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