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IATE terminlogy

Screen capture of IATE’s App

IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) is the terminology database for all EU institutions.

It has been operational since the summer of 2004 and you can search the public version in 23 languages and 22 main subject areas, including politics, law, economics, trade, finance, education, science, business, environment, agriculture, energy, industry and geography, among others.

The Internet version of IATE receives over 70 million queries a year. Search in IATE

The database is managed by the IATE Management Group with representatives from several European institutions. The Group meets several times a year and in these meetings the European Parliament is represented by TermCoord.

See its 10+ year history in this animated Prezi presentation.

See a timeline starting from a feasibility study that gave birth to its creation to its 10-year celebration.

Their section “Let’s IATE from home!” gives you useful extensions and add-ons to install IATE in your computer (see picture), or copy it to your page or blog.

Finally, in the page IATE Term of the Week you will be able not only to learn new terms chosen by IATE but also to contribute with term translation into your own language, if not available.

Happy searching!

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