Featuring IMOToolBox: UNTERM database

unFollowing up on my blog post on UNOGTerm, you should know that in April 2013 the UN started consolidating the multilingual terminology databases from several of its bodies (in its 6 official languages). This is why if you make terminology searches you might find duplicates. But, don’t worry, they are working on this issue. The good thing is that you can search in all of their databases at once: UNHQ, ESCWATERM, VINTARS, ECLAC, UNOG, and UNONTERM. I guess we couldn’t ask for more! Of course, you can refine your searches in many ways (such as search only for acronyms), as well as choose only one database, (or 2, or 3…) or go by Domain or Subject. Make sure you go to their FAQ page to learn how to use it and make better use of it! Useful tip: Go to the Settings button to choose your languages. Happy searching!


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