Elevator Speech for Terminology

elevator speechHow many times have you had to explain why managing terminology is important? Probably more than you would want. The arguments could be convincing to some people, not to some other, especially if you have to ask for money!

First of all, what is an elevator speech or pitch? It´s a short explanation of a service or product to convince someone of its value, and it comes from the idea that you should be able to explain it in the short amount of time that an elevator ride takes. You have only 30 seconds, which is equivalent to about 80 words or 8 to 10 sentences.

Can we come up with a convincing elevator speech for terminology? I would like to hear your ideas or proposals of an elevator speech. How can you convince or at least pique someone’s interest to learn more?

Share your ideas in Twitter (@patriciambr) or in the comments. Let’s see how productive we get. I will be posting your ideas in a future post and, in the meantime, here are some key words that you can use (or add your own words to the list to help us write it).

  • quality
  • productivity
  • duplication of efforts
  • cost reduction
  • time saving
  • client satisfaction
  • liability issues
  • added value
  • know-how preservation
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • consistency


STEP 1: First write down all what comes up in your mind.

STEP 2: Then cut the jargon and details. Make strong short and powerful sentences. Eliminate unnecessary words.

STEP 3: Connect the phrases to each other. Your elevator address has to flow natural and smoothly. Don’t rush.

STEP 4: Memorize key points and practice.

STEP 5: Have you really answered the key question of your listener: What’s in it for me?

STEP 6: Create different versions for different business situations of your elevator speech. Note them on professional business cards.


Source and further reading:

The 30 Second Elevator Speech, University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE).

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