Collection of Electronic Resources in Translation Technologies (CERTT)

CERTT imageAlthough some resources in this site are restricted to students and professors at the University of Ottawa (Canada) there are still quite a few resources you can explore. Website is available in English and French. Click here.

What kinds of tools are included in CERTT?

Computer tools can help translators in analyzing texts for terminological description, specialized translation, discourse analysis, and the analysis of translation choices, among many other applications. Tools currently covered in CERTT include term banks, terminology managers, term extractors, mono-/bilingual concordancers and corpus analyzers, translation memories, machine translation systems, localization tools and even general office tools” They also invite you to suggest other tools.

Glossary of translation tool types

You can find: Active terminology recognition tools, bilingual concordancers, bitext aligners, corpora, electronic dictionaries, localization tools, machine translation systems, monolingual concordancers, term banks, term extractors, terminology management systems, translation environments, translation memory systems and webtools, among othes.

Be aware: Some links might not be longer working, but a useful tools such as Diatopix was found by a simple google search. It’s a tool that allows to graphically see the distribution of words, terms and expressions, etc. in a virtual web space delimited by a language. Click here if you are curious.


You will find a few useful tutorials such as the one for WeBiText, a multilingual translation help tool that retrieves translations of words and expressions in pre-defined and/or user-specified Web sites used as bilingual corpora. The user selects the source and the target languages in the list of all the languages supported on all those sites, and then selects a site among those that support the two selected languages.


Check out their links page. Extremely useful.

Happy searching!

Sources: CERTT webpage

Image source: CERTT webpage


CERTT image

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  2. It’s working for me. Maybe if you refresh your browser or try to close and reopen it. Otherwise, you always have the option to do a google search and see if you can access it from there. Hope this works.

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