Celebrating IMOT’s first year anniversary with Terminology book raffle!

1st AnniversaryApril is the anniversary month for In My Own Terms, and to celebrate I will raffle the book entitled “Corporate Terminology Management: An approach in theory and practice” by Ariane Großjean.

It´s an excellent guide for those who want to know about the basics on terminology management in simple words (just how we like it!) and a practical case in a German context (You really don´t need to speak German to understand it.)

It clearly explains the basics of terminology science from concept, concept systems, definitions, terms, etc., to terminology management (methodology approaches, the nine stages of corporate terminology management, etc.) and provides a practical case illustrating the nine stages, plus termbase and process implementation. book cover

If you are interested in Terminology you really don´t want to miss the opportunity to have this book. This is not a business deal with the author, who I don´t know personally. I just thought it is a great book, easy to read, an excellent reference guide, and a great way to celebrate IMOT’s first anniversary!

So, what do you need to do? Well, if you are a subscriber you just need to send me a note in Contact me and tell me that you would like to participate. If you are not a subscriber, sign up to the blog and send me a note. I will draw a name from the list of current and new subscribers in May.

So, send to colleagues and friends interested in Terminology and share the Terminology love!

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