Termontography… What?

how-to-draw-dinosaurs-133It would almost seem like a word taken from a paleontology dictionary for most of us. So I present to you: Termontography!

Termontography is a hybrid term from Terminology, Ontology (the study of the categories of things that exist or may exist in some domain), and Terminography (the compiling of collections of the vocabulary of special languages). Read More

8 quotes by terminologist Uwe Muegge

Uwe Muegge (see his Linkedin profile here) is an experienced terminologist and translation technology expert. I offer you some highlights on just a few of his published works that I have been reading (see list below). He explains in simple words the hands-on side of terminology and gives great advice on how to get better at managing terminology. The quotes are meant to trigger your curiosity to read more and prepare you for a future interview! Read More

Words, Terminology, and Translation

Short and sweet. A blog post that I’m pressing from “Josee’s blog”. I like it when people explain things with simple words. So appropriate for a blog for beginners and beyond.  Don’t you think? 😉

Words, Terminology, and Translation.