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ailia_logoI just added to my resources in French the information on the Canadian Language Industry Association (Association de l’Industrie de la Langue), that has a great section on terminology work in Canada. The page is bilingual English/French. The Terminology section has seven subsections which I summarize below (plus 3 interviews to renowned Canadian terminologists).

1. What is Terminology?: A definition of terminology compared to lexicology.
2. Terminology Nuances: The different nuances of Terminology as a discipline, as a set of terms, etc.; what distinguishes a term from other lexical units; and which challenges led to the creation of Termium.
3. Canada. A leader in Terminology Standards: The contribution of Canada’s experts to international standards for terminology, translation and interpretation). The work done by the Canadian Advisory Committee (CAC) is highlighted, especially work standards as applied in real Canadian environments in the academic, private and public spheres.
4. Terminology initiatives support Canada’s objectives and priorities: The initiatives and programs developed by the government to support Canada’s official languages (English/French). Reference is made to the Canadian Standards Strategy and National Standard of Canada for Translation Services, published by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB), an AILIA initiative.
5. Canada’s international reputation and sphere of influence in Terminology: Canada’s leadership in the field of terminology management (and translation) is reflected by the top-quality education offered by its universities and scholars. Termium, Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique (GDT) and ONTERM (Ontario), evidence Canada’s innovation and model to follow in terminology database development. Other major achievements such as Canada’s leadership role in TC37 and its involvement in other international initiatives are also mentioned.
6. ISO TC 37: Describes the achievements of Canada’s participation in the subcommittees, such as the completion of ISO 639 series on Language Codes and the drafting of ISO 704 – Terminology work – Principles and Methods, as well as the use as a core document of the Canadian National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services (NSGCIS), an AILIA initiative.
7. Networking opportunities: They provide a list of Canadian terminologists and the link to the Linked-In Group of Canadian Terminologists.

I have also added the links to interviews made by terminologist Kara Warburton to Canadian terminologists Marc Drapeau, Gabriel Huard, and Marie-Claude L´Home.

Visit my page on Ressources Terminologiques en Français to read the interviews and check out other resources in French.

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