Bilingual Terminology Extraction from TMX. A state-of-the-art overview

Take some time to go through this presentation “Bilingual Terminology Extraction from TMX. A state-of-the-art overview” by Terminologist Chelo-Vargas Sierra, published a year ago. I found this publication during a recent workshop on Terminology at ATA’s 58th Conference here in Washington.

Her presentation offers a quick overview of four term extraction tools: Multiterm Extract, SynchroTerm, Similis, and Sketch Engine. For precision, Similis takes first place, followed by Sketch Engine, SynchroTerm, and MultiTerm. For recall, SynchroTerm is at the top, followed by Similis, Sketch Engine, and MultiTerm. For extraction Similis is closely followed by SynchroTerm and for validation SynchroTerm takes second place while Similist takes first.

In the overall classification that takes into consideration effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction, and context coverage,  SynchroTerm takes first prize, but followed closely by Sketch Engine, MultiTerm, and Similis.

In summary, it looks like all four tools have a lot to offer. In case you are still wandering which tool to get, I am sure this information will help you make a decision. In case you already have one, what do you think about these results? Which one is your favorite? I know for a fact that TermCoord uses SynchroTerm for IATE, which is a good sign that it is a good product.

P.S: If you ever need to come back to this post, I have added it to my cloud under the “toolbox” tag.

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