Belgium’s Terminology Research Center TERMISTI

termistiFounded in 1990 by professors Daniel Blampain and Marc Van Campenhoudt, the TERMISTI research centre is attached to the Higher Institute for Translators and Interpreters (ISTI) in Brussels. Its work focuses on two areas: modelling multilingual terminology and terminotics.

The interests and skills of the TERMISTI team relate chiefly to developing terminological glossaries for highly specialised fields, exchanging terminological data, particularly in XML, prepublishing text corpora and determining terminological units, devising terminological data base management systems handling conceptual networks, modelling multilingual terminology management system,; research training in terminology and terminotics.

The research projects undertaken by TERMISTI are cofinanced by the ISTI and other organizations such as the French Community of Belgium, the European Commission and the Brussels-Capital region. From 1990 to 2000, they also developed tools such as the Termisti, Analex, Tip, and Dhydro.

The Center has regularly participated in research activities of the Agence universitaire de la francophonie (AUF), particularly in the network Lexicology, Terminology, Translation (LTT) and hosted the 2005 conference “Words, Terms and Contexts”. Professor Van Campenhoudt was the coordinator of the LTT network from 2007-2009, which became at a later date an independent international association of which TERMISTI holds the presidency.

For the French speakers you will find some microglossaries, courses, events organized by TERMISTI or jointly with ISTI and other organizations and centers. For both the French and non-French speakers, their list of terminological resources, l’infoport de la terminologie, is quite comprehensive. (I have added this page to my French resources and my TermFinder list.)

To navigate their page and find the resources you need to go to their Home page (Accueil) and from the “Principales Pages” of the drop-down list pick , l’infoport de la terminologie, that will take you directly to lists of databases; terminology networks; European projects; concordance tools, and corpora, among others.

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