Asma AIOtaibi talks about winning the terminology book last year

AnniversaryI am happy to share this comment by Asma AIOtaibi (@AssmaTech) from Saudi Arabia, who was last year’s raffle winner of the book “Corporate Terminology Management. An approach in theory and practice” by Ariane Großjean.

“Dearest Patricia. Hope this email finds you well. I’m grateful to receive the book. I read it more than once and I can say finally I found a book that focuses on both sides of terminology management theory and practice. Also, I showed it to the coordinator of the terminology course and she said it is enormously useful. I shared some parts of the book with students from the Computer-Assisted Translation course since the material assigned is practical and I’m trying to show them it is not about creating terms bases only. So I explained the seven principles to be observed when coining a term, term formation, monolingual concept relation, to name but a few. Truly terminology is fascinating. Thank you for the enormously useful blog and the book. I’m truly indebted.”

Thanks, Asma, for your kind words, and to those of you who still haven’t signed up, you still have time until raffle day on April 8. Send me an email to and provide your full name, country of residence, and why you would like to have the book (translation or terminology book). If you don’t receive a reply it means I didn’t get your email, so you can also send me a tweet (@patriciambr).

Remember, this year it’s a double book raffle so you can also choose to get Umberto Eco’s “Experiences in Translation.”

Good luck!

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