An annotated list to TermCoord’s catalogue of downloadable terminology resources

booksTermCoord offers a catalogue of downloadable terminology books and other resources which I comment below to help you get a better idea of its contents. I mention first the publications whose full version is downloadable and then proceed with other publications for which other type of information is available.

Click here to see their complete catalogue that provides the links to each resource. You may also consult my page on Readings on Terminology.

Downloadable terminology books and guides (full version)

The Conference of Translation Services of European States (COTSOES) “Recommendation for Terminology Work” (2002), made available in PDF form this publication in English, French, German, and Italian. (TermCoord provides the English and French versions.) A must-have guide if you want to learn all the ins and outs of terminology. This is the second edition that covers the following topics: What is terminology, terminological cooperation, the terminological record, terminological working methods, and classification. It includes three annexes: basic concepts, bibliography, and useful internet addresses.

Quality Assurance in Terminology Management. Recommendations from the TermFactory Project” (2013) by Igor Kudashev, who holds a PhD degree and the title of associate professor from the University of Helsinki, Finland. He is an author and co-author of several published terminological dictionaries. The guide is addressed to a wide range of experts engaged in terminology work and terminology management.

The Reception of Eugen Wüster’s Work and the Development of Terminology” (2012) Ph.D. dissertation by Angela Campo. Université de Montréal. I have used this publication many times for my blog posts. An excellent work that presents a detailed account of Wüster’s work.

TERMINOGS. “Terminology for Large Organizations“. I believe this is one of the best guides out there, if not the best, to learn the basics of terminology. Chapter 3, for example, gives a detailed definition of terms, concepts, terminology, terminology management, etc.

Why is terminology your passion”. A collection of interviews with prominent terminologists (updated regularly) by TermCoord.

Other downloadable publications (full version)

“Official Federal Abbreviations” (2012) in German, French, Italian, Romansh (a Swiss language), and English used at the Federal Chancellery of Switzerland. This booklet (161 pages) contains the abbreviations of the titles, structural units forms of federal legislation, names of the parliamentary, government and judicial authorities at federal level, as well as numerous bodies within the Federal Administration.

A direct link to the PDF version of the Oxford Dictionary of Slang by John Ayto.

A downloadable PDF file (204 pages) entitled “Selected terms from the information and communication technologies (ICT)” in German, French, Italian, and English.

Get to Grips with Political Rights” of the Federal Chancellery of Switzerland. 148 pages that contain 60 fundamental terms relating to Switzerland’s political system, in the four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.

In French only: (full versions)

“Guide de rédaction des fiches et d’alimentation de la banque de données” (2009) by TERMDAT of the Federal Chancellery of Switzerland. A 96-page PDF guide on TERMDAT’s methodology used for their terminology termbase.

Vocabulaire de l’économie et des finances” (2012) by the Commission générale de terminologie et de néologie, Academie Française includes lists of terms, expressions and definitions published in the Journal officiel de la Republique Française.

In French and Italian: (full versions)

Guide de Néologie Terminologique (2014) of the Federal Chancellery of Switzerland, includes the following nine sections: What is terminology, Importance of the terminological neology, cases of term creation, types of neologisms, implementation of neologisms, principles of terminological neology, analysis of examples of term creation, examples of methods of term creation in French, conclusion, and bibliography.

Book review

Juan Antonio Solís Becerra from Universidad de Murcia reviews the book “A University Handbook on Terminology and Specialized Translation” (2011), by Noa Talaván Zanón. Dr. Talavan is a philology doctor from Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and her book deals with terminology and specialized translation, focusing on defining the main concepts, and links theory and practice with a view to implementing the contents into the real practice of translation. An easy-to-follow guide for students, according to Solís.

List of contents

Modern approaches to terminological theories and applications” (2006) Heribert Pitch, ed. A PDF of the contents of this book that includes articles under the following major categories: Approaches to Terminological Theories, Terms in Discourse, Knowledge Elicitation, Ordering and Management, and Term Extraction and Terminographical Work. Articles are written by renowned terminologists, such as Gerhard Budin, Rute Costa, Sue Ellen Wright, and Heribert Pitch, among others.


“Discourse and Terminology in Specialist Translation and Interpreting” (2010) Maliszewski, Julian (Hrsg./ed.). A collection of articles on terminology and specialized translation in German and English. Terminology articles in English include: “Language Contact in Ireland. Terminology Considerations”, “Incorrect Terminology, Phrasing and Translation Connected with Knife Special Lexis”, and “English Legalese on the Basis of Powers of Attorney”.

List of publications and presentations  by Prof. Pius ten Hacken who obtained a PhD in English linguistics focused on morphology, specializing in linguistic theory and computational linguistics. The list includes about 12 publications on terminology (13 pages).

Terminology and language planning – an alternative framework of practice and discourse” (2000) by Bassey Edem Antia.

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