An infographic, an article and two videos: New terminological resources

terminology resourcesI’m always so happy to find new resources for my blog, because I can share it with you and expand my resource lists so that you can always come back to them when you need them. This time they came in the form of an infographic, an article and two videos.

  1. The infographic What cost savings can be achieved through Terminology Management? blew my mind. The author? SDL Trados, a company that regularly shares with us great information on terminology management. It shows all the basic figures and information you need to support your business case based in a typical example of a medium-sized company. I added it to my infographics list and to my “Business Case” page.
  2. The article “Translation terminology” was written as a guest post in the blog “Carol’s Adventures in Translation” by a terminology expert who is very active in Twitter, Raphaël Toussaint, from Belgium (I recommend you follow him to be updated on the latest in terminology @Mulleflupp). He refers to the different uses of terminology (academic, corporate and translation), the complex scenarios that translators often have to cope with when dealing with client termbases, and compares the use of Word vs Excel vs a CAT tool to manage terminology. He wraps it up by giving an important piece of advice on the need to follow TM rules. It is short and sweet and that’s why I have added it to my Readings page under “Articles”.
  3. Lastly, I participated recently in twowebinars that I have also added to my Readings page under “Videos”.
    • The first one is related to one of my recent posts on the book “The Global English Style Guide”. The producers of the video “Managing Source Terminology Even if You Don’t Translate” are Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, Inc. (She is the one who recommended the book); David Sommer, Director of Strategic Operations at Net-Translators, and Chris Raulf, President and Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing. It focuses on terminology management of source terms and how to do it effectively to produce content that is “consistent, readable, translatable and easy to find”. By the way, if you missed it, I also have in my resources another video by Net-Translators and Terumo BCT called “Top 5 tips to enhance your terminology management IQ: Strategies from the field”. Check it out!
    • The second one is an SDL Trados video “Terminology personas: the role of terminologist and terminology manager” presented by Silvia Cerrella Baeur (I have other resources from her in my blog), Managing Director of CB Multilingual. She talks about “the different roles that both the terminologist and terminology manager play in corporate terminology management”. She discusses “the qualifications, task portfolio, expectations and links to other departments for each role as well as elaborates on general terminology collaboration models”.

I really enjoyed both webinars and I’m glad that the producers of these great resources have made them available for everyone to watch. So I hope you enjoy these new resources and share the information with your colleagues.

Happy reading!

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