Drawing by Adriana Von Hafen, a talented young artist from Barcelona.

Hello, friend. Thanks for visiting my blog, In My Own Terms. My name is Patricia Brenes, terminology and language lover, translator, swimmer, ex-triathlete, foodie, pretend cook and baker, cat lover (although I currently don’t have a cat), social media follower and my life motto is “Do what’s right, come what may” or as we say in Spanish “Haz el bien, sin mirar a quién”.

I am an ECQA certified Terminology Manager (TermNet-Vienna) and I started a blog on terminology after realizing that those who were curious like me on knowing more about terminology, a very young discipline, did not have a place to learn and share information about it. Also, terminology books are expensive and hard to get, and even if you could afford them, they tend to be a little too technical. That is why I called it In My Own Terms, to explain concepts, well, in my own terms, and make terminology as a career more accessible to potential terminologists and terminology teaching a little bit more fun. This is a perfect site for newbies, but also for those who already know about terminology and want to comment and provide resources. So In My Own Terms is for “beginners and beyond”.

For two consecutive years, In My Own Terms has been awarded 5th place in bab.la’s language lovers contest under the category Professional Language Blogs. Bab.la (of the Oxford University Press) and their blog Lexophiles organize an annual ranking of 100 among 1.000 language blogs, to finally nominate the top 25. Two consecutive years… not bad for a blog that came to life exactly two years ago.

I work as a full-time Translation Assistant at the quality control unit of the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, DC. Originally from Costa Rica, I moved to Washington DC in 2000 and in 2011 I married a translator from Barcelona who I met while taking an online course on translation technologies. We met personally while presenting my dissertation for the Master’s in Specialized Translation at the Universitat de Vic. We live in a cozy little apartment in Arlington, VA, just a few miles away from downtown DC. And when I’m not writing for my blog you will probably find me in my kitchen cooking or baking a cake.

I have been a swimmer since I was five and did triathlons for many, many years, but for now I have my eyes set on becoming a better professional and improving my Catalan (thanks to hubby). I plan to retire in Barcelona because I love the city, the people, the food, and their culture and language. But I still have my heart in my country, Costa Rica. Oh, and yes, family is first and the best. Take care!

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