8 quotes by terminologist Uwe Muegge

Uwe Muegge (see his Linkedin profile here) is an experienced terminologist and translation technology expert. I offer you some highlights on just a few of his published works that I have been reading (see list below). He explains in simple words the hands-on side of terminology and gives great advice on how to get better at managing terminology. The quotes are meant to trigger your curiosity to read more and prepare you for a future interview!

  1. With validated glossaries in place, translators will use the ‘right’ terms (the ones preferred by the client) the first time, ensuring client satisfaction without the need for an emotionally charged, time-consuming, and expensive correction process.”  Ten good reasons why you should validate your translated terminology.
  2. With so many powerful terminology extraction tools to choose from, as long as the source language is a major language, there really is no excuse for not extracting terminology and creating a glossary as part of every translation project”. Ten things you should know about automatic terminology extraction.
  3. I had the opportunity to see the dramatic effect proactive terminology management (i.e. providing multilingual terminology before translation) has on the entire localization lifecycle: Translators produce better translations faster, editors edit more and change less, and ultimately quality goes up, and cost goes down!” How I teach localization: Not like old-school translation.
  4. Trademarks is the most important type of terms that is missing from many terminology databases. Trademarks and trade names are core intellectual property…maintaining trademarks in a terminology database is an excellent safeguard against accidental translation, an error that can cause major financial damage, not to mention embarrassment” Disciplining words: What you always wanted to know about terminology management.
  5. All major terminology standards treat definitions as an optional data category… [it] can easily be the most time/consuming and expensive part of creating an entry [but] the most valuable part. [It] helps technical staff members choose correct terms from a range of options, and it helps new employees understand unfamiliar concepts… A terminological definition and an encyclopedic entry are two very different things. A good, standards-compliant terminological definition is a concise statement no longer than one sentenceTerminology Management. Neglect it at your own peril.
  6. Start early and never stop: It cannot be repeated too often: Effective terminology management starts long before the first source document in a global campaign is ever written. […] Starting later always leads to changes. And changes are always expensive and time-consuming. The terminology database needs to be continuously updated to reflect […] changes.”  Why manage terminology? Ten quick answers.
  7. Terminology management enables organizations of any size to use the same terms consistently within and across the different types of communication that accompany a product or service. [It]is the most efficient solution for ensuring that an entire organization speaks with one voice.” On your terms. Terminology management defines the success of international product launches.
  8. “One of my pet peeves is that many of the freelance translators with whom I have professional contact either do not manage terminology efficiently or do not manage terminology at all. Anyone who has a basic understanding of linguists and is looking for a concise guide to terminology management should familiarize themselves with ISO 704. This standard has answers to many questions related to terminology management.” Training for technical translators: an interview with Uwe Muegge.

For more publications by Uwe, please visit his page Selected Works, which includes articles, books, contributions to books, white papers, unpublished papers, presentations, interviews, among others.


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