3 terminology videos that you need to watch, and an upcoming webinar!

elearningLet’s have an easy start for 2016, since I’m sure some of you are still on vacation. 🙂

These tutorials are a great way to start the New Year–great to watch if you are a newbie but also useful if you just want to brush up on your terminology skills.

  1. Top 5 Tips to Enhance Your Terminology Management IQ – Strategies from the Field by Net Translators

This webinar will give you valuable insights to increase your knowledge and confidence level about terminology management in these fields. You’ll also learn a few methods on how to implement a cross-team terminology approval process and these methods can serve you when building your own terminology toolkit:

– Creating your first terminology lists

– Creating and managing monolingual glossaries

– Setting UI references and terminology

– Benefit from data extraction and the utilization of metadata

– Assess and update your processes with the support of a professional medical device localization service provider

  1. Terminology Management: Do’s and Don’ts by Argos Multilingual

This video answers the following questions:

  • Why you need a glossary and how to create it
  • How to use your glossary
  • Frequent mistakes to avoid
  • How to keep your glossary up to date
  1. Webinar Managing Source Terminology Even if You Don’t Translate by Net Translators

Even if you don’t translate your content, properly managing your terminology is a critical step to ensure consistency throughout your content and provide a high-quality end user experience. And if you are involved in localization, then you know that the success of your translation project heavily depends on the proper management of terminology. Miss-managing terminology can not only delay global product launches but in certain industries, such as the medical and pharmaceutical fields, miss-managing and miss-translating terminology can lead to devastating results.

Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, Inc., and David Sommer, Director of Strategic Operations at Net-Translators, introduce you to the discipline of terminology management, why source terms need to be managed, and the benefits of doing so. Learn how to start managing terminology so that your content is consistent, readable, translatable and easy to find.

This webinar is ideal for anyone involved in creating content, managing terminology, or localization and translation.

So, if they left you wanting for more, make sure you sign up for the next webinar by Proz.com “Speed up your terminology search”. A good translator or terminologist should never get tired of learning new things!

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