Terminology Talk with Gabriele Sauberer, Director–International Network for Terminology (TermNet)

sauberer_300x171A pioneer in the field of professional preparation and management of EU funded projects, she successfully manages the International Network for Terminology since 2002. For the European Commission she acted as consultant to European eContent and 6th Framework Programmes and for the Austrian Standards Institute she is active in several committees as expert in terminology, translation and diversity management. She designed and performed many projects at European, regional, national and international level and developed trainings and seminars with focus on European and International topics. From 2007 to 2010, she was teaching project management, intercultural communication and diversity management at the Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna. Certified quality auditor, EN 15038 lead auditor and expert in several standardization committees, such as Terminology, Translation, Human Resources, Diversity management, Corporate Social Responsibility.

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NYU’s Introduction to CAT and Terminology Management course

nyu-scps-logo-lg (1)

Always on the lookout for training opportunities for my readers. This is the latest find thanks to a Twitter follower! And going directly to my Training section for your future reference.

The School of Professional Studies of the University of New York will be offering a course on CAT tools and Terminology Management starting next February 17 and ending May 2.

The course will cover, among others, internationalization issues, handling file formats and building concept-oriented terminology lists. The course will be online and self-paced, and will count as a core course toward the online Certificate in Translation for all language pairs (see list here). Cost: US$695. Please note that website registration is not available and you will need to call them directly at 1+(212) 998-7150.



My Termbase Cheat Sheet

cheatingLearning the Do’s and Don’ts of termbase creation is not always easy, especially because there are so many little details that may escape your attention in your busy daily life. So what better way to make sure you have a reliable and clean termbase than having a Cheat Sheet?

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Termontography… What?

how-to-draw-dinosaurs-133It would almost seem like a word taken from a paleontology dictionary for most of us. So I present to you: Termontography!

Termontography is a hybrid term from Terminology, Ontology (the study of the categories of things that exist or may exist in some domain), and Terminography (the compiling of collections of the vocabulary of special languages). Read More

The Lifecycle of Terminology Projects

projectmanagementprocessgroupsThere are many useful components, tools, and processes involved in PM in order to manage a project successfully, from getting to know your stakeholders to managing time and costs and developing soft skills. So it is not surprising that new processes and tools are created as people learn and obtain experience. That is why, if you go to the leader in PM training—the PMBOK Guide—it is not surprising that their latest 5th Edition has added more processes to their lifecycle. But where am I heading to? Read More

New blog home, look, logo

NEW LIFEHello, readers. Just a short note to let you know that I have been able to move my readers list to the new home at inmyownterms.com. Therefore, you won’t need to go to the new page and register again. Woot woot!

This is my first post in the new home. I hope you like the look. Check our my home page easy-to-access information like tags!

New blog posts coming your way soon! Have a great weekend!

Thanks, again, for your continued support. And share the terminology love with your colleagues so that they subscribe too!


Terminology Talks with the Pros: Uwe Muegge, Terminologist

uwemueggeIt would be hard to describe in a few lines the vast experience that Uwe Muegge has in terminology, translation, localization, and education. He currently is the VP of Strategic Technology Solutions at OmniLingua Worldwide, a language service provider, but his credentials include filing a patent for an automatic terminology extraction process the year after he graduated from college, being a corporate terminologist for a Fortune 500 company, serving as translation and terminology consultant for the European Commission and the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as providing instruction in translation and terminology to graduate students in Europe and the United States. Read More

A new infographic! Modern Terminology History

We went from the first steps to the teen years and now to the modern history and a quick look at what happened from the 1930s to today’s date. Hope you enjoy the short but fun ride! Click on the image to enlarge.


Foundations of Terminology course by Pompeu Fabra University (online and in English!)

pompeuOnly a few spots available! You still have time to sign up for this great course offered by the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, who offers it as part of the Master’s program in terminology.

You may take it independently from their Master’s program or as a first step to obtain the Master’s degree. In the registration page you have the choice to sign up just for the course or their Master’s.

Here is the basic information (link with more info below): Read More

It’s official! The TermBloggers Lounge is open!

termblog picIt’s official! The TermBloggers Lounge is open! Today a new page has been launched in termcoord.eu (headed by Rodolfo Maslias) and will be managed by terminology bloggers Licia Corbolante (terminologia etc), Maria Pia Montoro (WordLo), myself, and a fourth blogger, Gala Gil Amat will assist us with communications.

The first blog post has been published today. Read it for more details. We invite translators, terminologists, and linguists interested in writing about terminology to contribute and network with us and share your passion about terminology. You can write articles and/or participate in our forum to discuss terminology questions, and read what others have to say about this exciting and dynamic subject.

Be sure you add the TermBloggers Lounge page to our Favorites! I will be keeping you updated on new developments! And make sure you share this with colleagues at work, students at universities, friends, family, and anyone who would like to participate. Thanks!



Readings in terminology reclassified by Ah-Ha! moment

ahaGreat news! I have updated my page on Readings in Terminology by Ah-Ha! Moment. It means that I have classified my sources by beginner (*), intermediate (**), and advanced (***).

It is a very personal classification, so please feel free to give me your opinion. Before, I had a separate list with more advanced (Further reading) but I now I have all the readings on one list.

I am aware that there might be more useful resources out there, waiting to be fished, so let me know if you have something useful, that I can add to my list.


8 quotes by terminologist Uwe Muegge

Uwe Muegge (see his Linkedin profile here) is an experienced terminologist and translation technology expert. I offer you some highlights on just a few of his published works that I have been reading (see list below). He explains in simple words the hands-on side of terminology and gives great advice on how to get better at managing terminology. The quotes are meant to trigger your curiosity to read more and prepare you for a future interview! Read More

Words, Terminology, and Translation

Short and sweet. A blog post that I’m pressing from “Josee’s blog”. I like it when people explain things with simple words. So appropriate for a blog for beginners and beyond.  Don’t you think? ;-)

Words, Terminology, and Translation.

A Resource Guide to Terminology and Copyright (US-EU)

copyright lindoSince I am no expert in legal issues and the recommendation ALWAYS is that you seek the advice of a lawyer, I will not try to reinvent the wheel today. Rather than giving definitions I want to share very useful resources that I will be including under the Section Terminology 101 for future reference. Read More

My hashtag #imoterms

Just a short note to inform you that I have created the hashtag #imoterms in Twitter so that my followers can share resources, articles, blogs posts, and anything they find on terminology. So easy and quick!

I’ll be using it to share my blog posts and retweets on terminology, etc.

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